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26 october 2017

27 october 2017

2 days of discoveries !

2 days of discoveries !


"Call For Paper"

Do you want to speak about something, about a return on experience, there is no try, do it.

Here are some examples of subjects :

The essentials :
java, agility, Microsoft, mobility, web / JavaScript, FP, NoSQL / BigData, Machine Learning / IA, IoT / Robotics

Fundamental, ancestral, innovative, confidential, intriguing (track incubator) :
Design UX, Assembleur, Management, Smalltalk, Oracle, Gamification, Lean Startup, IDE best practices …
and everything else related to our job !

Given the success of the previous year, we continue to use the kora.li service

To submit your session:

I don't have a kora.li account


Signup on the website kora.li


Validate your account with the activation mail you will receive from kora.li

I already have an account


Select “Conferences” on the left menu
Look for “Softshake” and select the conference
Click on the “submit” button at the bottom
Fill the form in and select “create new session” on the “Session” field,
Fill everything in and validiate.

That's all Folks

Your session is now registered :
- We (Softshake organizers) can consult it
- The session can be modified as you wish
- You can use it to submit to other conferences …

See you soon ...

In case of any issue, just constact us at :

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